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My name is Slobodan Lazarevic, for most of local fish keepers and close friends of mine better known as Laza. I'm from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia (former republic of Yugoslavia, SE Europe). I'm a member of several fish keeping web portals word-wide under the nickname Octopus or OctopusBG. I've been involved in plants and fish keeping for about 30 yrs

Today, the fish keeping and aquatic plants are my business, my hobby and still my obsession. Aquaria is my love and also my way of living. I am a breeder of freshwater fishes, aquatic plants, corals and as well as I'm aquascaper. I've been dealing with aquascaping for many years but in last few years, have to admit that I'm focused a bit more on reef scaping.

I have a plenty of tanks. The most of my tanks are located apart from my living space, in separate space which my wife has named Laza's Green House.

Ever since I was a child, my parents have had aquarium so my first footsteps had been made by the aquariums and their inhabitants. Love for the living beings under the water surface has been shown to me by my parents, who are BTW veterinarians. Thanks to that and my wish to know as much as possible about those living beings, I have decided to attend Biology at University of Belgrade. As I've already said, I was involved in fish keeping long time ago but I am still glad when I recall my first steps in this hobby. I am quite sure that I will never forget my first successes as well as a certain disappointments that each of us simply have to face soon or a latter.

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