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Aquascape of the Month June 2008 on ASW

Tank dimensions: 7cm x 2,2 cm x 2 cm It is 1mm glass 

aca palustris

In this tank I've used only three different mosses as aquatic plants. One of them was a local species that we named Serbian minimoss. It grows nearby my hometown, sticked to stones near river streams. Considering that moss is submersed most of time during fall and spring season, I've decided to place this moss into the tank a while ago. So far I'm more than satisfied with this moss species when submerged but it's necessary to say that this minimoss requires a bit lower temperature of water. Under high light and frequent W/C, the pearling caused by this moss is very intensive and very visible. Beside that moss, I've also used Star moss and Fissidens moss.


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