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Coppermine Photo CMS Documentation

The program that displays the photos on this site is called Coppermine. This documentation is intended to help you use this photo script to interact with this site. Please login to your account or join to see more information

Categories, albums and pictures

The photo part of the site is arranged in the following way :

  • Pictures are stored in albums
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  • Categories can be nested (subcategories)
As a member you may upload to any gallery enabled by the administrator

Album List

This goes to the page that lists all the categories, the gallery home page

Upload your Photo

As a Register User/Member you may upload photos to albums allowed by the administrator. To upload just click the upload link when logged in. After clicking the upload link choose a category from the list box, click on the Browse button next to the "Picture" field and find the image you want to upload from your computer. Fill out the rest of the fields in the form and click "upload Picture"


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These links go to the "meta albums" Last uploads - Last comments - Most viewed - Top rated. These albums are made of pictures from the category/album that you are in at the time that you click them, and if not in a category/album the pictures shown with be from all the categories/albums

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This is a temporary album that lasts as long as your cookie from us. Use the link below the pictures to add picture to this album.

Searching the gallery

When you click the search link you can search for photos by keyword.

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